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The previous owner of my Z just came back from Seattle for vacation and just so happened to still have a set of the Tokicos I was after! I’m so excited to start doing the coilovers soon now that I’ve basically got everything I need.

It was also nice to talk with him for a while about cars and whatnot and let him see the car again.

Also S/O to my dad for driving my disabled ass over there smh. On a side note I now have an extra pair of Tokico illuminas part BZ3015 for the z car, if anyone’s interested let me know.


girl: come over ;)

me: u got snacks

girl: no?

me: another time, fam


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Mos Def.

I want a Dodge Power wagon 6x6 so badly. It would have a musical horn and I would use it to deliver food and meds to people that need it.

Whatever made tumblr remotely interesting to me in the first place is long gone.


Kathy - goya adoba